WNHGA Vision

Our vision for the Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association is to create a legacy of unity, empowerment, and joy. We see a future where women across generations come together to enjoy the beauty of the game, forging unbreakable bonds that inspire and uplift.

WNHGA Mission

Empowering women through the joy of golf, the Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association fosters a supportive community where skill development, camaraderie, and personal growth flourish. We are dedicated to creating a space where women of all backgrounds and abilities can thrive both on and off the course.


WNHGA has a great deal to offer its members. Above all, it is helping to create a new, lively image for women’s nine-hole golf, combining the challenge of the game with friendly competition and companionship. If your club is already a member, fabulous! If your club is interested in joining WNHGA to enjoy all we have to offer, please contact our Club President for more information.

President’s Message

APRIL 2024

I hope this message finds you well and excited for the upcoming golf season. I wanted to express my gratitude to all who attended this year’s Spring Area Meetings. It was fantastic to see so many familiar faces and to welcome new ones into our WNHGA community.

A special thank you to Oakdale Country Club, Rancho Murieta Country Club and The Club at Castlewood Country Club for graciously hosting this year’s meetings.

This year The Club at Castlewood partnered with Peninsula clubs for a joint SAM meeting. It was inspiring to have ALL East Bay and Peninsula Clubs in attendance. We had insightful breakout sessions for the Captains, Co-Captains, Treasurers, Team Play and Handicap. The wealth of information shared and the networking opportunities were invaluable, reinforcing our commitment to continuous learning.

As discussed, I’m pleased to announce that the WNHGA website has been updated to provide you with the latest information. Additionally, we’ve launched a private WNHGA Facebook page to facilitate communication and community-building. If you haven’t already done so, I encourage you to visit the WNHGA website and sign up for access to the Facebook page. Our Communication Director, Marcia Eblen, will be on hand to assist with any inquiries you may have.

With golf season upon us, I am eagerly looking forward to our first Open Day at Woodbridge Country Club. It promises to be a fantastic day filled with camaraderie and sunshine.

As we embrace the warmer weather and the joys of golfing, let’s continue to support and uplift one another in our shared passion for the game. Wishing you all a season filled with memorable moments on the course. Let’s welcome the sunshine and Happy Golfing!

Nancy Bircher,
2024 WNHGA President

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