WNHGA Vision

Our vision for the Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association is to create a legacy of unity, empowerment, and joy. We see a future where women across generations come together to enjoy the beauty of the game, forging unbreakable bonds that inspire and uplift.

WNHGA Mission

Empowering women through the joy of golf, the Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association fosters a supportive community where skill development, camaraderie, and personal growth flourish. We are dedicated to creating a space where women of all backgrounds and abilities can thrive both on and off the course.

President’s Message

JUNE 2024

Well, Summer is finally here and here is to a fabulous golf season for all.

Team Play is in full swing, so be sure to check out the pictures posted on the WNHGA private Facebook page.

Woodbridge Golf & Country Club tried something new this year and invited Oakdale for a Ryder Cup competition. I heard everyone had a great time, with Oakdale Country Club taking home the trophy. Rumor has it that other clubs may challenge Oakdale to see if they can take the trophy home! Stay tuned.

We should all be proud that this year marks the 34th Annual Corena Green Classic for Junior Girls. This event would not be possible without your continued support. This year, the tournament will be held at The Bay Club at Crow Canyon Country Club on July 25.

Our next Open Day will be on August 22 at Cameron Park Country Club. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Have a great summer and happy swinging!

Happy swinging,
Nancy Bircher,
2024 WNHGA President


WNHGA has a great deal to offer its members. Above all, it is helping to create a new, lively image for women’s nine-hole golf, combining the challenge of the game with friendly competition and companionship. If your club is already a member, fabulous! If your club is interested in joining WNHGA to enjoy all we have to offer, please contact our Club President for more information.

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