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From the Rules Director

On Tuesday, March 23rd, WNHGA held a virtual Rules Seminar. We were fortunate to have Linda Minehan, the WGANC Rules Coordinator as our presenter. The seminar was attended by members of 37 of our clubs and over 130 members. Linda covered the following: Nearest Point of Relief, Rule 16: Relief from abnormal course conditions, Rule 17: Penalty areas, Rule 19: Unplayable ball, Rule 18: Ball lost or OB, bunkers, and Rule 18.3: playing a provisional ball.

A big thank you to Linda for presenting this seminar, and to Mayet and her son for editing the video for posting!
I hope you enjoy watching our video. –Mary-Kevin

Learn the Rules of Golf at your own pace, on your own time.

If you have a burning desire to know about rules, the site does offer some videos about many situations. They cover things like: penalties, point of nearest relief, unplayable ball, ball lost or OB, bunkers, aII abnormal course conditions and playing a provisional ball. NCGA’s Online Rules School now has courses for various levels of rules aficionados – there’s one for you.