Women's Nine Hole Golf Association

Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association

Women's Nine Hold Golf Association


Marker Duties

Markers are used at WNHGA sanctioned competitive events, i.e. Team Play, Tournament of Champions and Corena Green. Markers are a very important and necessary part of these competitions. It can be a very fun and rewarding experience and we hope you will consider becoming a Marker and participating in different tournaments both at your home course and away.

You are most likely to have a marker, or to serve as one, during a tournament or competition. The marker is not a referee but is appointed to keep track of scores during a stroke play tournament. What are the duties of a marker?

  • Observe, as best you can, each stroke the golfer plays
  • Count those strokes, plus any penalty strokes that may be necessary to add
  • Double-check the score with the golfer after hole (this is not required but is strongly recommended) and write it down
  • Total and sign the scorecard at the end of the round