Keys for Posting to GHIN (Golf Handicap & Information Network)

GHIN mobile is the official app of the Golf Handicap & Information Network, a service of the United States Golf Association. It offers a personalized mobile experience that allows you to manage and follow your game. Download the app through iTunes or Google Play (for Android). This incredibly easy to use app allows you to instantly post a score from your smart phone. Also you can instantly find your Course Handicap from your Handicap Index using a sliding slope rating scale.

  • Post as soon as possible after a round.
  • Scores posted from an online home computer will enter the system immediately.
  • Scores posted from a GHIN xompurwe (i.e. computers at your club or a club you are visiting) do not always enter the system immediately as the transmission time and frequency is set by each club.
  • E-revisions occur on the 1st and 15th of each month. Rounds played near those dates must be posted by 9pm Pacific Time on the day before the 1st and 15th to be included in the upcoming revision.
  • Any posts after 9pm Pacific Time on the days before the 1st and 15th will be accpeted by GHIN but will be saved for the next E-revision.
  • Internet traffic on home computers can be heavy at times and access to GHIN might not be immediate. The GHIN site might notbe down even though you may not be able to log in or you may get an error message. Try back in a few hours. When all else fails, email or call the handicap director.
  • Unusually high or low scores might not be accepted when posted from an online home computer. Try posting from the GHIN computer at your club instead. If it still isn’t accepted, email or call the handicap director for assistance.

Contact us if you have questions regarding GHIN.