WNHGA is an association of women who enjoy playing nine holes of golf, appreciate the social aspect of knowing many ladies throughout our golfing world, and like the occasional friendly competition. It’s all about having fun and feeling comfortable with your game no matter how you play. We enjoy travelling to the many clubs within our membership and love the lush scenic golf courses that Northern California has to offer. Come join us!

Probably the most important thing to understand about the Nine-hole Association is that any woman golfer will be comfortable.

Because we are not a huge group, our program is tailored to meet individual needs … whether those needs include playing with others of your ability level, time constraints, desire to play other private courses with friends, etc. If you are new to our club, the nine-holers are a great way to get involved, meet new people, and enjoy golf. If you are a current member, check us out. See if your needs fit the way you like to play golf.

Typical Membership Questions

I can't decide which association to join ... the Nine-holers or the Women's Association (18 holes). Can you help me?

Both associations welcome new members. I can only speak for the Nine-holers and tell you about our group.

Our current Nine-hole members have handicaps that range from quite low to very high. We also have members who are just learning to play golf and have not yet established a handicap.

Some are members because the 'timing' fits into their schedule. They want to play but only have time for nine holes. Others belong to the Nine-holers because they enjoy competition. As a Nine-holer any member can be a part of team play, compete in all WNHGA events with other clubs in Northern California. Your handicap, as a nine-holer, is valued by the group ... no matter what that handicap is.

Still others want a group where there is no competition, just a relaxed atmosphere to play golf.

As a Nine-holer, you will find that there is a place for you no matter what your level of play or whether or not you want to compete. If you also enjoy playing 18 holes, you will find many nine-hole women who play 18 holes other days of the week and will welcome you. They simply find the Nine-hole Association is a comfortable, non-stressful fit.

I've never played golf. Will you teach me how?

We don't teach the techniques of golf. We do, however, encourage you to take lessons from one of the Club Pros. In addition, the Pros at our Club give 'free' clinics to our group several times a year covering such topics as bunker shots, short game, putting, hybrids, and the long game, as well as golf rules and etiquette.

While you are in the beginning stages of learning the game, you are still welcome as a member of the Nine-holers. We have a 'golf' program for our new golfers that will acquaint you with the course, golf rules, etiquette, and pace of play.

It is up to you to decide when you want to begin to establish your handicap. In the interim, you can play the game and enjoy the camaraderie of the group.

The idea of 'golf tournaments', no matter how fun you say it is, frightens me. Should I stay home on tournament days?

Absolutely not! You can always just play golf and choose not to participate in the game of the day. When I first started to play, I never competed in games (sweeps). I was too intimidated. Now I love them and find that they sharpen my game but it took me some time before I reached this stage.

Remember, golf is a game. We only have a couple of times each year when we play a true tournament. (And not everyone participates in those tournaments.) Otherwise, our games are things like 'fewest putts', or throw out your three worst holes', or 'four blind holes'... nothing very serious but almost always postable.

Golf should not be frightening nor a chore. As a Nine-holer, there is a place for everyone. Last year, we had a new member who is now one of our top golfers with a low handicap. She loves competition and was ready from day one. We also had people join that were just learning and did not want to compete. Everyone fits in.

You mentioned a group called Women's Nine Hole Golf Association (WNHGA). What is that?

In the 1970's, several nine-hole groups in Northern California petitioned the USGA for the right to start a 'sanctioned' association. Before that time, it was a loosely run group that just got together whenever they could. Today, WNHGA is the only sanctioned nine-hole group in the country.

Being sanctioned, means that our Nine-Holers have a nine-hole handicap. Many of us also have 18-hole handicaps but we do not belong to an 18-hole association.

The WNHGA organisation then supports events throughout Northern California. We play other private courses on Open Days (just fun golf with other women from all over the area), participate in Team Play with Nine-Hole groups from our district, get invited to invitationals at other clubs, go to Rules seminars, etc. We find that WNHGA enhances our experience and gives those of us who enjoy competition a legitimate format for play

That all sounds good but I don't want to travel to play golf. Do you have to?"

No. The WNHGA events are just an addition to our regular play. You will find that many of our Member's do not travel to other courses for Open Days but there are definitely some of us who enjoy that aspect of golf so it is available to us. We tend to car pool so driving is not a major issue.

Can you describe how the day looks when you play golf?

Sure. We play on Thursday mornings. We try to get to the clubhouse by 8:15. We then check in with the proshop and then go to the Woman's Locker Room where we find out who we will be playing with and what time we tee off. Members who have children that need to get to school, can request a late tee time (around 9:15). Then, depending on how you like to warm up, you can practice at the range, on the putting green, or the practice bunker. We then arrive at the tee box ten minutes before our tee time.

Because of the Pace of Play regulations set up by our Club, we have two hours and eight minutes to complete our nine holes. We are very strict about that rule but find that it is easily accomplished. We generally have only three women in each group.

After you complete your round, we get together in the library for lunch. We order off the menu. Our Co-captain then figures out who won the game of the day, and announces the winner. If there are any rules questions that come up during play, we address those at that time. Otherwise, it is a very social event. On most days, you are finished with lunch by one o'clock.

If I join the Nine-Hole Group, can I change to the 18-Hole group later?

First, please remember that the most important thing is that you enjoy your golf experience. Each Association has something to offer that will make belonging to our Country Club much more fun.

Second, many women join the nine-holers and then switch to the 18-hole group. Still others move from 18 to 9. It really depends on you and how you want to play the game.

I want to join. How do I do this?

First, welcome! Just call the Nine-hole Captain, Nine-hole Membership Chair or Nine-hole Secretary and let them know you are interested.

Your dues will be billed to your member account. Once paid you can begin to play golf with us immediately.