In the 1970’s, several nine-hole groups in Northern California petitioned the USGA for the right to start a ‘sanctioned’ association. Before that time, it was a loosely run group that just got together whenever they could. Today, WNHGA is the only sanctioned nine-hole group in the country.

Being sanctioned, means that our Nine-Holers have a nine-hole handicap. Many of us also have 18-hole handicaps but we do not belong to an 18-hole association.

The WNHGA organisation then supports events throughout Northern California. We play other private courses on Open Days (just fun golf with other women from all over the area), participate in Team Play with Nine-Hole groups from our district, get invited to invitationals at other clubs, go to Rules seminars, etc. We find that WNHGA enhances our experience and gives those of us who enjoy competition a legitimate format for play.

WNHGA is an association of women’s nine hole golf groups who enjoy playing nine holes of golf, appreciate the social aspect of knowing many ladies throughout our golfing world, and like the occasional friendly competition. It’s all about having fun and feeling comfortable with your game no matter how you play. We enjoy travelling to the many clubs within our membership and love the lush scenic golf courses that Northern California has to offer. If your club is not already a member, come join us!

Probably the most important thing to understand about the Nine-hole Association is that any woman golfer will be comfortable.

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