Women's Nine Hole Golf Association

Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association

Women's Nine Hold Golf Association

President’s Message

Jan 25, 2021

lauren dummer profileIf someone would have approached me a year ago and told me that, in 2020, the country would essentially shut down for months on end; the busiest places in cities across the country would be empty of traffic; schools and colleges would close for an entire semesters, sports, gyms and restaurants shuttered and movie productions paused, I probably would not have believed them.

While we may have come to the end of a year unlike any other, many of the challenges that have captured our attention and occupied our lives in 2020 are still present and demanding. As we progress into 2021 WNHGAs goal remains the same, supporting our membership and our mission to promote women’s nine-hole golf. And although we had to cancel nearly all of our last year’s events and tournaments, overall, we were fortunate to have retained golf as one of the only allowed recreational activities to participate in. The resilience of our ladies was evident as they reinvented their golf routines to accommodate the “new normal.” Somehow it worked out so well eighteen hole-in-ones were made, simply incredible, congratulations ladies!

I remain hopeful that we will be able to continue with our event calendar as planned, as I know many of you are eager to return to friendly Team Play competition or attend an Open Day or club invitational as the year progresses. I’m equally confident WNHGA has learned well and is fully capable of providing the safest environment for our events going forward just as we did for the Corena Green Classic for Junior Girls and Tournament of Champions this past year.

Lastly, even though we couldn’t meet in person for most of the year your WNHGA Board of Directors continued to operate behind the scenes conducting the good business of the association.

We were able to continue with our monthly board meetings online and successfully held our Annual meeting via a “Go To Meeting” platform. This allowed us to seat our new Board of Directors and provide our clubs with much needed updates. The unexpected benefits of using an online platform are that we can conduct meetings as necessary, as well as reduce expenses. We anticipate this trend will continue until it’s once again to safely meet in person and/or an option for future WNHGA business when necessary such as the upcoming Spring Area Meetings in March. Rest assured none of this could happen without the tireless commitment and selfless devotion of your Board of Directors for their time and support of our membership. I am thankful for them and look forward to a wonderful year. Please contact me if you have any concerns, questions or ideas, now let’s go golfing!

Lauren Dummer,
WNHGA President