President’s Message

Jan 1, 2022

lauren dummer profile

Happy New Year WNHGA ladies!
I am honored to be your President for 2022 and thank you once again for the opportunity serve WNHGA. With a group as passionate about golfing as this one is, I know you all probably have plans and goals for the year ahead. Depending upon how you played this past year, you may be sorrowful to see it go. But for most of us it’s an opportunity to start anew with a clean slate and perhaps a few lessons gifted us during the Holiday Season! While I’m not an official resolution maker myself, I do enjoy getting some goals down on paper and the start of the year feels like a great time to do it.

There has never been a better time to learn golf. By its nature, golf is uniquely suited for the social-distancing world we now live within – it’s a game played over a vast outdoor space, a worthwhile source of exercise, and a diversion for the mind. WNHGA has always strived to create a lively image for women’s nine-hole golf, combining the challenge of the game with friendly competition and championship. One of my goals is to encourage your club to fully take advantage of all our many activities and to nurture ladies to join your club and share in the activities, regardless of her experience. Inviting her to play, even if there is only a hint of interest, is sometimes all it takes to create a new opportunity to meet new friends, play new courses and have lots of fun in the world of women’s golf.

I am excited to partake in the success of another great year. We thank all our members for everything they give to WNHGA. For without you and your commitment to this wonderful organization, WNHGA would not exist! The Directors are always there for you, and we encourage you to come to us with your questions and/or concern.

I hope you realize every day is a fresh start for you, that every sunrise is a new chapter in your life waiting to be written. I look forward to joining you on the course throughout the year.

Lauren Dummer,
2022 WNHGA President