WNHGA Tournament Protocol

Open Days

All participants must have a minimum of a nine-hole, five-round (provisional) handicap index.

Team Play

All participants must have a nine-hole, 20-game index, and these 20 games must have been played within the current 24 months.

Tournament of Champions

All participants must have a nine-hole 20-game index. These 20 games must have been played within the current 24 months with a minimum of five rounds played in the current year. Players must have competed in their club championship tournament where three nine-hole rounds were played. These rounds may all be played on the same nine holes or on alternate nines. They may be played on three separate days or two rounds on the same day. However, for each round, all players must play on the same nine, on the same day, and at the same time of day (morning or afternoon).


Stroke Play


All competitors will play at a handicap not to exceed par for the course.

Starting Times

Play to be determined by the host club and the director-in-charge

Pace of Play

WNHGA’s pace of play policy for TOC and Team Play Championships is as follows:

  • Minutes per hole to be determined by the pro at the host club and DIC.
  • All participants must be either on time or in place (one shot behind the foursome in front of them).
  • If a group is both off time and out of place, the marshal will give them a warning. If the group continues to be off time and out of place, the marshal may add a one stroke penalty to each player during play.
  • Please note – to help the players with their timing, each scorecard will indicate the hole-by-hole time that the flag should be in the cup (hole completed).


Official scorecards will be issued for each player or team. At conclusion of play, if markers are used, players are to check scorecards hole-by-hole with their marker before signing their scorecards. Players should not sign scorecards or marker sheets if a score or ruling is in doubt. Signing an incorrect card may result in disqualification. The WNHGA committee will decide all disputes.


WNHGA uses a net card-off to break all ties. In the Champions Flight of the TOC, the gross scores of the three most difficult holes are added together. If there is still a tie, the score of the next most difficult hole is added. The player with the lowest total wins the Champions Flight.

Measuring Devices

USGA approved GPS measuring devices may be used. They must be in the silent mode or player is disqualified.