lauren dummer profile

Lauren Dummer,

I am honored to be returning to the WNHGA Board for 2022 and once again serving as your President. As I enter the twilight of my WNHGA tenure, I’m in awe of just how fast the last three years have passed by but most of all, I’m in awe of the dedication demonstrated by each Director in supporting and ensuring the continued success of WNHGA. They are truly an amazing set of ladies.

Personally, I am a retired law enforcement administrator having served the citizens of California for 35 years. Upon my retirement in 2010, I settled in Lake of the Pines with my four-legged family.  I joined the Lake of the Pines Lady Niners Golf Club in 2012 and instantly found great group of ladies to play and socialize with. I have enjoyed participating in club activities, serving in many club positions and enjoy mentoring new members.

I love to travel and whether I’m scuba diving in Indonesia or trekking the Himalayas the real treasure found is the people you meet and the friendships you build. Nonetheless, I’m always happy to come home to my adorable four-legged family who await with plenty of whines, wiggles and purrs.

I look forward to playing a round or two of golf with you through the year at a WHNGA Sponsored TOC, Open Day or Team Play event. Enjoy the game and remember, the most important shot in golf is the next one!