Kari Brunson,


I have spent the majority of my life in the Sacramento area. My husband and I grew up a mile apart. We attended different high schools but met when we both worked at a small, local pizza parlor. I won’t bore you with the details but that was nearly 40 years ago and we’ve been married for the last 30. We are blessed with a son and daughter whose career paths took them out of California. Our son is an Aerospace Engineer living in Denver and our daughter is a Biomedical engineer currently living in Madison, Wisconsin. I am so very proud of them both but wish we could see them more.

My husband and I joined Valley Hi Country Club in October of 2016. Initially I was not very interested in playing golf. One thing led to another, and I ended up taking lessons and found I might want to “give it a try”. Shortly after I retired from teaching in 2019 I joined the Niners. I made a great new group of friends and before long I joined the Board. I am starting my fourth year on the Niners’ board and just finished my year as Captain. My game has improved significantly allowing my husband and me to enjoy “golf vacations” and as such have had the opportunity to play golf in several different states at some beautiful courses.

In anticipation of my 50th birthday I made a personal commitment: I wanted to compete in a 1/2 marathon and made a goal of running the Nike Women’s half marathon in San Francisco. In spite of the crazy, hilly terrain I and am proud to say I came in the top 5% of runners. That experience really inspired me and I spent 6 years locally and in different cities and states competing in a variety of long-distance events.

As I slowed down from distance running, I still had a desire to enjoy the benefits of exercise in the outdoors. My husband and me both enjoy hiking. We have had the opportunity to visit State and National Parks in several states and enjoy hiking the variety of terrain from the Appalachian trail in North Carolina to the Geyser walks of Yellowstone but for me the most enjoyable accomplishment was “hiking” to the top of Quandary Peak in Colorado (14,265ft). This was my first “Fourteener” (14,000’+ peak), not sure if it will be my “only”.

One of my other loves is traveling. About ten years ago, my husband and I started our travel adventures. We really like to immerse ourselves and explore a whole country or region in one shot. We have had the privilege of traveling to such great places as Alaska, the Galapagos Islands, South America, Norway, Vietnam, Scotland, and London to name a few. We just returned from a Panama Canal cruise and are looking forward to a trip to Nairobi and South Africa in October.

With all of that said, golf has been the most challenging, frustrating, and enjoyable thing I have ever set my mind on doing. Let’s just say, I’m a long way from reaching my “14k”, but I will continue to “swing on”!

Not entirely sure how I got talked into the WNHGA thing, but I am looking forward to getting to know everyone, helping the best I can, and playing some new courses.