2023 Tournament of Champions

2023 Grand Champion Elise Wilson with a Gross score of 44
Cameron Park

Champion’s Flight Winners – Gross Score

2023 TOC champion flight winners
1stJane Gruendl-Seqyoyah
(3rd Place with 48)
2ndElise Wilson-Cameron Park
(1st Place with 44)
3rdJinnie Yang-Saratoga
(4th Place with 48)
4thCindy DeVisser-Oakdale
( 5th Place with 50)
5thMissing: Maureen Murray-Stonebrae
(2nd Place with 45)

First Flight Winners – Net Score

2023 TOC first flight winners
1stJoan Cannon-Sequoyah
(3rd place Net 39)
2ndLinda Hupka-Round Hill
(2nd place Net 38)
3rdAlice Huang-Saratoga
(1st place Net 35)
4thNancy Minalli- Contra Costa
(4th place Net 39)
5thAlma Ortega-Avery-Lake Wildwood
(5th place Net 39)

Second Flight Winners – Net Score

2023 TOC second flight winners
1stKathy Ridgeway-Contra Costa
(2nd place Net 35)
2ndMary England-Rossmoor
(3rd place Net 35)
3rdStephanie Velasquez Pearl-Sequoyah
(1st place Net 30)
4thPat Hammermaster-Lake Wildwood
(4th place Net 36)
5thDeborah Contini-Rancho Murietta
(5th place Net 38)

Third Flight Winners – Net Score

2024 TOC second flight winners
1stJanet Moore-Contra Costa
(5th place Net 37)
2ndKelly Drew-San Jose
(2nd place Net 36)
3rdAmy Stanberry-Stonebrae
(1st place Net 30)
4thNorma Claassen-Moraga
(3rd place Net 36)
5thSherry Benz-The Villages
(4th place Net 37)

*WNHGA TOC Tie Break Policy (no matter which flight; the scores of the three most difficult holes are added together. If there is still a tie the score of the next most difficult hole(s) is added continuing this process using the next most difficult hole, etc. The player with the lowest total wins the card-off.