Cyndi Yano

2017 Director of Markers

Markers are used at WNHGA sanctioned competitive events, i.e. Team Play, Tournament of Champions and Corena Green.  Markers are a very important and necessary part of these competitions.  It can be a very fun and rewarding experience and we hope you will consider becoming a Marker and participating in different tournaments both at your home course and away.

The Duties of a Marker

You are most likely to have a marker, or to serve as one, during a tournament or competition.  The marker is not a referee but is appointed to keep track of scores during a stroke play tournament.  What are the duties of a marker?  If you are serving as a marker for another golfer you should:

  • Observe, as best you can, each stroke the golfer plays
  • Count those strokes, plus any penalty strokes that may be necessary to add
  • Double-check the score with the golfer after hole (this is not required but is strongly recommended) and write it down.
  • Total and sign the scorecard at the end of the round.


Front Marker Sheet


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Back Marker Sheet


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 Information for Markers

(Section 7 of WNHGA Manual)