Popping Scorecards

popping scorecards

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Popping Scorecards According to WNHGA Rules Pops are the small dots or checks place on the scorecard that should add up the player’s handicap allowance (handicap strokes) for a specified game. Once the appropriate handicap has been determined for the course to be played, pops can be distributed as described in the following examples.

In each case, start the process by dividing the nine-hole handicap by nine.

  • Player 1:
    Handicap of 18 divided by nine equals two. Each hole is given two pops.
  • Player 2:
    Handicap of 6 is not enough pops to divide by nine. Give one pop to six holes in the order of the handicap stroke allocation on the scorecard (six holes in order of difficulty).
  • Player 3:
    Handicap of 14 divided by nine equals one pop for each of the nine holes, with a remainder of five pops. The remaining five pops are to be given in the order of the handicap stroke allocation (as above).
  • Player 4:
    Handicap of 35 divided by nine equals three with a remainder of eight pops. Start by giving three pops to all nine holes. In this example, please note you cannot give more pops than par. When awarding the remaining eight pops, once you come to the par 3 at hole #3, even though there are pops remaining to be allocated, you must stop. You cannot skip over the par 3 and continue on to hole #5. The player will have to play to a 32 no matter how many strokes remain.

When calculating the pops for 18 holes, follow the handicapped holes as they are shown on the scorecard but alternate from the font nine to the back nine as the handicap numbers occur on the scorecard.

(WNHGA would like to thank Mace Meadow Fairway Ladies for the above explanation)