Mona Stolz,
Team Play

My golf experience did not start until my 30s when I went to a week-long golf camp in Garmisch, Germany. Growing up in the Midwest, my family considered golf a “rich kids” sport and never thought we would ever play. After golf camp, I played some, but I also learned that golf, although a solo sport, is not much fun if you don’t have friends to play with! After retirement (from both the U. S. Navy and the State of California), my husband and I moved to Lake of the Pines (NE of Sacramento), and started playing golf in earnest. I quickly joined the 9-hole golf club and have been active ever since. When not working on improving my game, I also enjoy line dancing (another post retirement pastime), watching movies and traveling.

I have enjoyed all the activities that WNHGA sponsors, especially Open Days and Team Play. I want to help WNHGA host these events and make them enjoyable for all who participate. My goal is to play at every WNHGA club at least once! See you soon!