2019 Annual Meeting Minutes

December 6, 2019
Brookside Country Club

Vearl LaBerge, President

Laurel Pruitt, Judi Phillips, Mary-Kevin Willey, Sue Ilg, Lauren Dummer, Joan Cannon, Bev Poff

Lee Hicks

Sue Ilg

President Vearl LaBerge called the meeting to order at 11:05 am.

Brookside Captain Robbie Coy welcomed the WNHGA Board of Directors, Delegates and additional club members to Brookside for the Annual Meeting. She introduced Vearl LaBerge, WNHGA President, and turned the meeting over to her. Vearl thanked Robbie and the Brookside Gold Niners for their hospitality in hosting this event. She also thanked the Catering Manager, Deana Hanson for working with her in setting up the event and Chef Chris Eisenson for the delicious brunch. She welcomed the Delegates, Captains and Club Officers as well as additional members of the Association in attendance.

Vearl introduced herself and the 2019 Board of Directors:

Laurel Pruitt,
Vice President
Lauren Dummer,
Mary-Kevin Willey,
Joan Cannon,
Open Days
Judi Phillips,
Treasurer, Membership, & TOC
Bev Poff,
Sue Ilg,
Rules and Markers
Lee Hicks (absent),
Team Play


She acknowledged Past Presidents in attendance: Judi Phillips, Carol Jaques, Sue Ilg and Stacy Brown. She also introduced Past Directors Susan Hammon, Alyce Stanwood, Diane Howell, Cheryl James, Cyndi Yano, Alma Ortega -Avery, and Mary-Kevin Willey. She welcomed two special guests from the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California, President, Lynda Donahue and Executive Director, Eva Monesteri.

Vearl announced that each Delegate has an agenda for today’s meeting. Each Director will give a brief report. When the formal portion of the meeting is over, we will have one session to help answer questions about the World Handicap System and the future for WNHGA and billing. Directors will be available to answer questions.

The meeting has been convened in accordance with the Bylaws, Article 5, Section 3b Annual Meeting: On the first Friday in December in each year the Delegates shall hold an Annual Meeting at such place and hour as the board shall designate. The purpose of this meeting shall be to consider and act upon the election of Directors for the ensuing year. As this is the Delegates’ meeting, only Delegates may make a motion, second a motion or vote. She asked Delegates to rise, identify herself by name and club when speaking, including making or seconding a motion. She invited all members in attendance to participate in discussion.

It was established that all of the Delegates present had been registered. Secretary, Mary-Kevin Willey called the roll. There were 33 clubs in attendance. She declared the necessary Quorum for the purpose of conducting the Association’s business.

Two errors were discovered in the 2018 minutes. On page one, Directors Present: Janie Quicke’s name was listed twice. On page three, third line, Vearl applied for an elected not permanent position. These errors were corrected verbally to the delegates. A motion was made by Beth Van Dyke of Valley Hi to dispense with the reading of the corrected minutes. Pat Worley of Cold Springs second the motion. The motion passed. Vera Glascock of Cameron Park moved to approve the corrected 2018 Annual Meeting minutes. Cathy Raycraft of El Macero seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Judi Phillips will be sending the final financial summary of all account balances to each club Captain after completion of our annual audit. In your folder you will find a registration form for new members and pin order forms. You can also purchase pins during this meeting.

During 2019, Judi issued a total of $4,800 in Gift Certificates for Corena Green Classic for Junior Girls winners: Kayli Lujan (Gonzaga University) $550; Mabel Wong (San Francisco University) $1275; Stephanie Yu (Pamona College) $2,075; Tiffany Chen (UCLA) $300; Melanie Anderson (Sierra College) $600.

Vearl called attention to the contents of the Captains’ Folders. Included in them are the 2020 Annual Meeting Agenda, a list of WNHGA Events for 2020, Proposed Board of Directors for 2020, Information Sheet on Popping Score Cards, Dues Information and a Pin Order Sheet. There is also a page that has club and officer information. Please check, make corrections and return today or as soon as possible.

Vearl reported that she has enjoyed her year as President. This year she functioned with a smaller board so everyone had to step up and often do more than one job. She appreciated that everyone was willing to support one another. It has had its challenges as we worked our way through the changes in the new handicap system. She has appreciated the total support of her board. As we started the year, we were not certain that we could maintain our independence as a nine-hole association and she was proud to announce that we weathered the storm and survived! We are independent and have protected our ability to maintain our unique programs including Team Play, Open Days, Tournament of Champions, and the Corena Green Classic for Junior Girls. Judi kept us within budget. She also took on TOC and Membership at the same time! Vearl was very appreciative that Bev was able to salvage our website and make it into a fully functioning website. Lauren was able to follow the ever-changing handicap information. Sue’s expertise with headsup information on Rules and Markers as well as an inside knowledge on the Handicap changes, were extremely valuable. Laurel was tireless with all of the details for Corena Green. Joan was busy with the Open Days both current and future. Lee had her hands full with a busy Team Play season and MK kept us housed and informed. It truly was a team effort.

Article 5 Section 3b1 of the WNHGA Bylaws requires that each Director present a report pertaining to her activities during the year. All reports have been filed with the President. Each Director presented her annual report and it is attached to the official minutes. During Laurel Pruitt’s report about the Corena Green Golf Classic for Junior Girls, she invited the Delegates to come forward and present their donations. She collected $8927, plus an additional $400 that was previously collected from Stanford and an IOU of $300 from the Lake of the Pines for a total of $9627. This will be used to fund the 2020 event.

In accordance with WNHGA Bylaws, Article 6, Sections 1 and 2: The number of directors of this Association shall not be less than nine or more than twelve, until changed by the Board of Directors and approved by the members. At least two directors and no more than three directors, shall be elected from each geographical area. Directors shall be elected at each Annual Meeting of Delegates, to hold office for a term of two years. Each Director shall hold office until the expiration of the terms of which elected, and until a successor has been elected and qualified. A director who has served two consecutive terms may not be nominated or elected for another term as director until two years have passed since last term served.

Lauren Dummer was appointed to head the nominating committee. Members of her committee were: Elsie Bruno (CV) Twain Harte Country Club, Lisa Kinoshita (EB) Contra Costa Country Club, Karen Ruccolo (P) Palo Alto Country Club, Kathy Magrino (RV) El Macero Country Club.

Five Directors are returning to serve the second year of her term: Vearl LaBerge (RV) Cold Springs, Judi Phillips (CV) Oakdale Golf and Country Club, Joan Cannon (EB) Sequoyah Country Club, Lauren Dummer (RV) Lake of the Pines Golf Club and Mary-Kevin Willey (RV) Valley Hi Country Club. Laurel Pruitt has completed her two year term and is not returning. Sue has completed her four year term and has termed out. Bev Poff has completed her one year appointment and has not applied for a term. Lee Hicks has resigned.
Lauren and her committee have received five applications for the 2020-2021 Board: Mayet Reina (RV) El Macero Country Club, Kathy Magrino (RV) El Macero Country Club, Alyce Stanwood (RV) Lincoln Hills Golf Club, Laura McAllister (RV) Rancho Murieta Country Club, and Susan Hammon (CV) Merced Golf and Country Club.

According to Article 6, Section 16g, further nominations for Director must be presented in writing to the Recording Secretary accompanied by the candidate’s written acceptance, and must be signed by 5 Delegates. Such nominations must be in the Secretary’s hand at least five days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Delegates. Secretary, Mary-Kevin reported that she received one additional application: Michelle “Shelly” Hanak (CV) Oakdale Golf and Country Club.

A motion was made by Mona Stolz of Lake of the Pines to accept the list of candidates named to be Directors of the Association. The motion was seconded by Marie Bossert of Lincoln Hills Golf Club. The motion passed. Vearl welcomed the new Directors to the WNHGA Board.

Vearl gave a special award to Carol Tonge who was instrumental in the establishment of WNHGA. She has been the Historian for WNHGA since the beginning and has collected the history for all of these years. She has recently handed the material over to the board for preservation. Carol was ill and unable to attend the meeting, so Vearl gave the award to Ann Podielski, Captain of Alta Sierra Country Club, to take home and present to Carol at a later date.

Vearl gave recognition and thanked the Directors who were retiring from the Board: Sue Ilg, Laurel Pruitt, Bev Poff and Lee Hicks. She thanked all of the Directors for their dedication and support during the year. She also thanked all of the clubs for participating in and supporting WNHGA events. She has enjoyed her year as President and looks forward to seeing all of the members at events next year.

Vearl introduced Judi Phillips, 2020 WNHGA President.

Judi introduced the new Board members and their assignments:

Judi Phillips,
Alyce Stanwood,
Team Play
Lauren Dummer,
Vice President
Vearl LaBerge,
Rules, Markers, and Visits Handicap and Junior Golf
Joan Cannon,
Open Days
Mary-Kevin Willey,
Recording Secretary
Mayet Reina,
Kathy Magrino,
Corresponding Secretary
Laura McAllister,
Tournament of Champion
Susan Hammon,
Shelly Hanak,


Judi urged anyone in the East Bay or Peninsula areas who would like to join the Board to please step forward and join us at any time during the year. We look forward to having additional representation from these two areas now or in the future.

The meeting was adjourned at 12:35 pm.