2020 Annual Meeting Minutes

December 4, 2020
Woodbridge Golf and Country Club and GoToMeeting

Judi Phillips, President

Judi Phillips, Lauren Dummer, Mary-Kevin Willey, Susan Hammon, Kathy Magrino, Joan Cannon, Mayet Reina and Laura McAllister

GoToMeeting attendance:
Vearl LaBerge, Alyce Stanwood and Shelly Hanak

Mary-Kevin Willey

President Judi Phillips called the meeting to order at 10:05 am.

Women’s Nine Hole Golf Association (WNHGA) President welcomed everyone to the Annual Meeting. Eight Board members were present at Woodbridge Golf and Country Club and three attended through GoToMeeting. She welcomed the Delegates, Captains and Club Officers as well as additional members of the Association in attendance through GoToMeeting. This has been an unusual year due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Judi thanked Woodbridge Captain, Arleen Mataga and Event Coordinator, Chris Carroll for setting up this virtual meeting.

Judi introduced herself and the 2020 Board of Directors:

Lauren Dummer,
Vice President, Handicap,
Director for Corena Green
Joan Cannon,
Open Days
Susan Hammon,
Shelly Hanak,
Vearl Laberge,
Rules & Club Visits
Mayet Reina,
Kathy Magrino,
Corresponding Secretary
Alyce Stanwood,
Team Play
Laura McAllister, TOC Mary-Kevin Willey,
Recording Secretary

Judi acknowledged Past Presidents, Carol Jaques of Lake Wildwood Golf Club and Vearl LaBerge of Cold Springs Golf and Country Club, in attendance. She also introduced Past Directors Anita Bonner of Lincoln Hills Golf Club, Alma Ortega –Avery of Lake Wildwood Golf and Country Club, Bev Poff of Oakdale Golf and Country Club and Diane Howell of Saratoga Country Club.

Judi announced that each Delegate has an agenda for today’s meeting. The meeting format will consist of brief reports from the WNHGA Directors, business of the Association and recognition of some of our members. Following the formal portion of the meeting, Judi asked that the members remain on the portal to receive additional information about membership and handicaps.

The meeting has been convened in accordance with the Bylaws, Article 5, Section 3b Annual Meeting: On the first Friday in December in each year the Delegates shall hold an Annual Meeting at such place and hour as the board shall designate. The purpose of this meeting shall be to consider and act upon the following matters: Directors reports, the election of Directors for the ensuing year, the consideration of and action upon any business or matters relating to the Board. As this is the Delegates’ meeting, only Delegates may make a motion, second a motion or vote.

It was established that all of the Delegates present had been registered. Secretary, Mary-Kevin Willey called the roll and announced how many members were present from each club (see attached). There were 35 clubs in attendance. One club, Turlock Golf and Country Club, submitted a proxy. There were a total of 99 members and 11 Directors in attendance. Mary-Kevin declared the necessary Quorum for the purpose of conducting the Association’s business.

A copy of the minutes of the 2019 Annual Meeting was provided in advance and was also in each Delegate folder. Nancy Bircher of Crow Canyon Country Club moved to approve the 2019 Annual Meeting minutes. Mona Stolz of Lake of the Pines Golf Club seconded the motion. The motion carried.

Susan Hammon will be sending the final financial summary of all account balances to each club Captain after completion of our annual audit. She brought to the attention of the Delegates that in the folder is a registration form for new members and a pin order form.

During 2020, Susan issued a total of $9,175 in Gift Certificates for the Corena Green Classic for Junior Girls. The certificates were: Angelica Antonio ($1750) Dominican University of California; Jacielou Caniete ($475) Holy Names University, California; Consuelo Nthenya Maithya ($1250) Villa Nova University, Pennsylvania; Tuesday Epperson ($1200) Westminster College, Utah; Sadia Sadiq ($500) UC-Davis; Jacqueline Ha ($650) University of the Pacific – Stockton; Louise Isabelle Castro ($1000) Walsh University, Ohio; Melanie Anderson ($600) CSU-Chico; Autumn Gonzales ($275) CSU – Monterey; Taylor Stewart ($325) CSU-Chico; Isabelle O’Brien ($925) Graceland University, Iowa; Madison Blanc ($475) Marian University, Indiana; Sasha Padilla ($250) Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Susan mentioned that since this meeting was held virtually, members could not present their Corena Green donations. She encouraged clubs to send their donations to her.

Judi called attention to the contents of the Captains’ Folder provided in advance to all virtual attendees. Included are the 2020 Annual Meeting Agenda, a list of WNHGA Events for 2021, modified Rotation Schedule, Proposed Board of Directors for 2021, New Member form and a Pin Order sheet. There is also a page that has club and officer information. Please check, make corrections and return as soon as possible.

Article 5 Section 3b1 of the WNHGA Bylaws requires that each Director present a report pertaining to her activities during the year. All reports have been filed with the President. Each Director presented her annual report, and it is attached to the official minutes.

In accordance with WNHGA Bylaws, Article 6, Sections 1 and 2: The number of directors of this Association shall not be less than nine or more than twelve, until changed by the Board of Directors and approved by the members. Directors shall be elected at each Annual Meeting of Delegates, to hold office for a term of two years. Each Director shall hold office until the expiration of the terms of which elected, and until a successor has been elected and qualified.

Judi announced the Delegates who served on the Nominating Committee: Elsie Bruno (CV) Twain Harte Golf Club, Nancy Bircher (EB) Crow Canyon Country Club, Sandy Montevaldo (P) Peninsula Golf and Country Club and Vearl LaBerge (RV) Cold Springs Golf and Country Club.

Six Directors are returning to serve the second year of their term: Susan Hammon, Sequoia Woods Country Club; Mayet Reina, El Macero Country Club; Kathy Magrino, El Macero Country Club; Laura McAllister, Rancho Murieta Country Club, Shelly Hanak, Oakdale Golf and Country Club and Alyce Stanwood, Lincoln Hills Golf Club. The committee has received four applications for the 2021-2022 Board: Lauren Dummer, Lake of the Pines Golf Club, Vearl LaBerge, Cold Springs Golf and Country Club, Judi Phillips, Oakdale Golf and Country Club, and Mary-Kevin Willey, Valley Hi Country Club.

According to Article 6, Section 16g, further nominations for Director must be presented in writing to the Recording Secretary accompanied by the candidate’s written acceptance, and must be signed by 5 Delegates. Such nominations must be in the Secretary’s hand at least five days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Delegates. Secretary, Mary-Kevin reported that she has not received any additional applications.

A motion was made by Traci Kinney of Valley Hi Country Club, to accept the list of candidates named to be Directors of the Association. The motion was seconded by Arlene Mataga of Woodbridge Golf and Country Club. The motion passed. Judi congratulated the continuing and re-elected Directors.

Two events were highlighted by the appropriate directors for the clubs who worked so hard to produce COVID-19 safe events. Special certificates were presented to Oakdale Golf and Country Club for hosting the Corena Green Classic for Junior Girls and North Ridge Country Club for hosting Tournament of Champions, both under difficult circumstances.

Judi gave recognition to and thanked Director Joan Cannon from Sequoyah Country Club, who has completed her two-year term. Joan was the Open Day Director. She set up all of the Open Days and Major Events.

Judi reminisced that this has been a year of ups and downs with many changes to the WNHGA schedule due to the COVID-19 virus concerns and requirements. While we had to give up Team Play, Open Days and Rules Seminars, we were able to have the Tournament of Champions and the Annual Corena Green Tournament for Junior Girls with 230 people on the course in a very safe and controlled manner.

On the positive side, she expressed her appreciation of support throughout this difficult year. She thanked all of the clubs for participating in and supporting WNHGA. Even though many events were cancelled this year members stepped forward when needed. We will be welcoming back Brookside County Club to our association for the 2021 year.

She confirmed that the website has had a major renovation and will be going on-line soon. She encouraged all members to visit the website and pointed out that there is a lot of information available as well as easy ways to contact the Directors. We are all definitely looking forward to a more active and healthy 2021.

Judi introduced the 2021 WNHGA President, Lauren Dummer. She is smart, organized, dedicated, kind and a really fun lady. She is full of energy and absolutely believes in the mission of nine-hole women’s golf. The Association is in good hands.

Lauren thanked Judi for her dedication to WHNGA throughout the years. She is looking forward to 2021 and hopes that we will be able to return to our full schedule of events.

In accordance with our bylaws, Article 6, Section5, The President may appoint a member or members to fill Director vacancies at any time. This appointment should not conflict with the term limits of past Directors. A director may not serve more than two consecutive terms either as an appointed Director or as an elected Director. Lauren announced the appointment of Nancy Bircher of Crow Canyon Country Club, representing East Bay.

She thanked the Nominating Delegates for searching for new board candidates. Next, she announced the Director assignments for 2021 and the respective area they represent :

Judi Phillips,
Vice President & Director for Corena Green (Central Valley)
Susan Hammon,
Treasurer & Membership (Central Valley)
Vearl LaBerge,
Handicap (Peninsula)
Shelly Hanak,
Recording Secretary (Central Valley)
Laura McAllister,
Corresponding Secretary (River Valley)
Alyce Stanwood,
Team Play (East Bay)
Mayet Reina,
Communications (River Valley)
Mary-Kevin Willey,
Rules, Markers & Club Visits (East Bay)
Nancy Bircher
Tournament of Champion (East Bay)
Kathy Magrino,
Open Day (Peninsula)

Lauren thanked the Delegates for attending the virtual meeting. She announced that the next Annual Meeting will be at Spring Creek Golf and Country Club on Friday, December 3, 2021. She encouraged everyone to remain on the portal after the meeting is adjourned, for pertinent treasurer and handicap information.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:02 am.

Respectfully Submitted,

Mary-Kevin Willey

WNHGA 2020 Recording Secretary Date: December 4, 2020