2016 Annual Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2016
San Jose Country Club, San Jose, CA

Carol Jaques, President

Judi Phillips, Mary-Kevin Willey, Vearl La Berge, Janie Quicke, Alma Ortega-Avery, Nora Hinds, Sue Ilg, Lisa Bajada, Sandy Leung, Heidi McCusker, and Advisors Susan Hammon and Diane Howell.


President Carol Jaques called the meeting to order at 10am.

Carol thanked Ann Hurst and the rest of the San Jose Neuf Troux for their wonderful hospitality and help. She also thanked the Food and Beverage Manager, Jacquelyn Chac, for her great organizational skills in setting up this event and Chef Jose Cadenas for the delicious brunch. The Delegates, Captains, Club Officers, and members of the Association were welcomed.

Carol introduced herself and the 2016 Board of Directors. She also acknowledged the Past Presidents Judi Phillips and Nora Hinds, and Past Directors Carol Tonge of Alta Sierra and Saratoga, Andrea Cimino of San Jose, Gini Madison of Twain Harte and Alyce Stanwood of Lincoln Hills. She also welcomed special guests from the Women’s Golf Association of Northern California, Eva Monisteri, Executive Director and Theresa Grandi, Vice President.

She announced that each Delegate has an agenda for today’s meeting. Each Director will give a brief report. When the formal portion of the meeting is over, there will be a break-out session for Treasurers and Handicap Chairs. Directors will be available to answer questions.

The meeting has been convened in accordance with the Bylaws, Article 5, Section 3b Annual Meeting: On the first Friday in December in each year the Delegates shall hold an Annual Meeting at such place and hour as the board shall designate. The purpose of this meeting shall be to consider and act upon the following matters:

  1. The election of Directors for the ensuing year
  2. The consideration of, and action upon any business or matter relating to the Board

Susan Hammon from Merced Golf and Country Club, will serve as Parliamentarian for today’s meeting.

Recording Secretary, Mary-Kevin reported that according to the roll call that was taken at the registration table, there were 36 clubs in attendance and one club that sent a proxy. She declared that the necessary Quorum was present for the purpose of conducting the Association business. A motion was made by Kim Crary of San Jose to accept the written notice of the quorum and dispense with the roll call for the 2016 Annual Meeting. Marti Brown of Contra Costa seconded the motion. The motion carried. This is in accordance with Article V, Section 2 of the WNHGA Bylaws.

The minutes of the 2015 Annual Meeting were included in the club folders for this meeting. A motion to approve the minutes was made by Alyce Stanwood of Lincoln Hills and seconded by Diane Beere of Crow Canyon. The motion carried.

Judi Phillips gave the Treasurer’s report. She also reviewed the procedures for payment of GHIN and WNHGA fees. During 2016, she issued the following Gift Certificates for Corena Green Classic for Junior Girls winners, totaling $4,425: Paige Phillips, University of Redlands ($425), Taylor Beckwith, Whittier College ($725), Alex Guimaraes, William Penn University ($800), Chisay Arai, Holy Names University ($600), Tianna Lee, Merced Community College ($475), Kelly Hunt, Seattle University ($200), and Hailey White, University of California – Riverside ($1200). This year we awarded $8,500 in Gift Certificates at the Corena Green Tournament held at Crow Canyon on August 1, 2016.

Carol called attention to the contents of the Captains’ Folders. Included in them are the Calendar of Events for 2017, a copy of the Roster Information sheet to check and make any necessary changes, procedures for payment of GHIN and WNHGA dues, registration of new members, information for ordering pins, and important information regarding posting scores on GHIN for your Handicap Chairs. The Rotation Schedules have been updated to include Sierra Pines and delete La Rinconada. There is also a list of updates to the Captains’ Manual and Team Play. Please note that there were changes to the Tournament of Champions sheets. Please pass these on to your TOC chair. Finally, there is a statement regarding the USGA Membership Initiative (see attached).

Article 5m Section 3b1 of the WNHGA Bylaws requires each Director to present a report pertaining to her activities during the year. All reports have been filed with the President. Each Director presented her annual report (see attached).

In accordance with WNHGA Bylaws, Article 6, Sections 1 and 2, at least two directors and no more than three directors, shall be elected from each of our four geographical areas. Directors shall be elected at each Annual Meeting of Delegates, to hold office for a term of two years. Each Director shall hold office until the expiration of the terms of which elected, and until a successor has been elected and qualified. Mary-Kevin Willey headed the nominating committee and read the list of nominees. Two current directors are running for a second 2-year term: Janie Quicke from Saratoga and Alma Ortega Avery from Lake Wildwood. New Directors nominated are: Cheryle James from Rancho Murietta, Virginia (Gini) Madison from Twain Harte, Cynthia Yano from Lake Wildwood. Regina Galano from Stonebrae and Linda Simpson from Castlewood.

No other nominations were presented to the Secretary prior to the meeting in accordance with Article 6, Section 16f of the Association’s Bylaws.

A motion was made by Laura McAllister from Rancho Murietta to accept the list of candidates as presented. There was a second by Sandy Salmon from Castlewood. The motion carried. Carol welcomed the new Directors to the WNHGA Board.

Carol gave recognition and thanked the Directors who were retiring from the Board. Those retiring are: Judi Phillips, Lisa Bajada, Heidi McCusker, Vearl LaBerge and Mary-Kevin Willey. She also recognized two retiring Advisors: Susan Hammon and Diane Howell. Carol thanked all of the Directors for their dedication and support during the year. She also thanked all of the clubs for participating in and supporting WNHGA events. She has enjoyed her year as President and looks forward to seeing all of the members at events next year.

Carol introduced Sue Ilg, 2017 WNHGA President. The organization is in good hands with Sue. She is smart, organized, dedicated and extremely helpful.

Sue introduced the new Board members and their assignments: Nora Hinds Vice-President, Gini Madison Secretary, Carol Jaques Treasurer, Janie Quicke Communications, Cynthia Yano Rules & Markers, Regina Galano Open Days, Linda Simpson Handicap, Cheryle James Tournament of Champions, Sandy Leung Team Play and Alma Ortega-Avery Membership & Visits.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:15 am.