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We are getting ready for another great year of golf. We are providing four Rules and Marker Training Seminars. Feel free to attend whichever works into your schedule. I hope to see you at:

  • The Villages Golf & Country Club in San Jose on March 25
  • Stonebrae Country Club in Hayward on March 26
  • North Ridge Country Club in Fair Oaks on March 31, 11:30 am
  • Oakdale Golf & Country Club in Oakdale on April 1, 8:45 am

Information on these seminars will be sent to your Rules Chair early in the year.

I will be arranging Club Visits for 2015. If you would like a WNHGA Director to come to your nine-hole association and speak with your members about a topic of your choosing, please contact me. Your Directors can speak on how to increase membership, rules, handicapping, pace of play, team play, tournaments, finances, as well as other issues that you may request.

Make use of our website for additional information on rules. There is a link to Barry Rhoades which is a wonderful way to learn rules and always helpful.

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions.



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